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1.00% if redeemed within 12 months.

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HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund 


About Hybrid equity fund  


It’s an open-ended hybrid scheme which predominantly invest in the equity and equity related scheme. The prime objective of the scheme is to generate capital appreciation/income from a portfolio, predominantly of equity and equity related instruments.  It mainly invests in mid cap and large cap blue chip companies. 


Pros of HDFC Hybrid equity fund:  


  • These schemes are basically an aggressive hybrid scheme which are expected to deliver around 12% CAGR returns, if investors stay invested for three to five years. 

  • If an investor invests for long term, then they are likely to get decent return. 

  • The scheme is the third largest fund in the category, managing assets worth Rs 21,151 crore till 31st July 2019. 


Fund Information and Statistic of HDFC Hybrid equity fund: 


  1. Inception and Launch date: 


The Scheme was launched on 6th April 2005. Earlier it was known as HDFC Balanced Fund and then it was merged with HDFC premier MultiCap. Afterwards, its name is changed to HDFC Hybrid equity fund. 


      Risk Level: 


Riskometer access the level of scheme as moderately high. 



Investor can redeem with minimum amount of Rs 500. All the redemption request is settled within 10 business days from the day of request.  


    Fund Manager: 


The fund is managed by Mr. Chirag Setalvad. He joined HDFC Asset Management in March 2007. He is well known in the industry due to his investment skills, a fact reflected in the performance of HDFC Mid scheme. The scheme has generated about 47% absolute gains in the past three years and 11% return in the past one year.  Prior to this, he was associated with New Vernon Advisory Services.  


   Entry/ Exit Load: 


The fund house charged 1% for redemptions within 365 days, if the redemption units is excess of 15% of the investment.  But after the 365 days, there will be no exit load. 


About HDFC Mutual Fund  


HDFC Mutual fund is one of the leading names in the field of mutual fund industry. It’s one of the most profitable AMC in India in terms of net profits. It has more than Rs 3 lakh crore of assets under management.